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<p>Small Water Hyacinth Basket<br />with Leather Handles</p>
<p>French Market Basket<br />GELATI</p>
<p>Water Hyacinth<br />Back in stock Feb<br />Large Oval Storage Baskets</p>
<p><strong></strong> </p>
<p>Water Hyacinth<br />Back in stock Feb<br />Rectangle Baskets<br />Set of 3</p>
<p>NEW!!! Coming February<br />Seagrass Round<br />Set of 3<br />Half painted baskets</p>
<p>Back in stock Feb<br />Water Hyacinth Tray<br />with handle over<br />2 sizes</p>
<p>NEW!! Due Feb<br />Fold up Basket<br />White painted bottom</p>
Import Products – Seagrass baskets, mats, hats and supplies in Australia




       China produces 17 million tons of plastic yearly.

-        Almost every piece of plastic ever produced is still in existence.

-        Australians use 10 million plastic bags daily.

-        Australians are the second highest producers of waste per person in the world.

Isn’t it about time we addressed the balance?

Buy our eco-friendly organic baskets for a better life for our planet and for us!




Import Products – Seagrass baskets, mats, hats Rectangle Baskets in LINES BLACK 06/02/2013

NEW!!! Lines Black has been added to our Set of 3 Rectangle Baskets Sets. Has been extremely popular in other designs more

Import Products – Seagrass baskets, mats, hats Pink Lime Colours 06/02/2013

NEW!!! Lipstick Pink and Lime colours have now been included in our range of the ever popular Lareg & Medium Roun more